Programs of Study

The Compass Program
The Compass Program is designed as a therapeutic and educational alternative for students who have been suspended or expelled from their home school for more than three days. A student can be referred to this program by the school principal. All referrals must be sent to the SBO and be approved by the superintendent or assistant superintendent for a specified period of time. The program will help to meet the needs of the student by motivating them to work on the issues that have hindered their educational process.

GED Program (Government Educational Diploma‚Äč)
This program consists of students between the ages of sixteen to eighteen years of age. They are seeking a GED due to a hardship or other situation, or are unable to graduate on time with a regular diploma by age eighteen.

Night Classes
This program consists of students who only need one to two classes to graduate. Classes are held weekly.

Incarceration Program
This program is offered to former students and adults who are 18 to 21 years of age, who were once receiving special education services and are incarcerated within the borders of Scott County, may receive educational instruction to help them receive a GED diploma. 

ISS (In School Suspension)
Schools can send students for one to five days for various infractions. Students are receive assignments from their teachers while they are enrolled in the program.